• Image of THROAT (LIGHT BLUE)
  • Image of THROAT (LIGHT BLUE)
  • Image of THROAT (LIGHT BLUE)

Your Throat Chakra is located along your spine, at the base of your throat. It is the center for speaking your truth and expressing your authentic self. When this Chakra is bubbling, words flow effortlessly and you are comfortable expressing how you feel. Signs this Chakra might need some TLC include telling non-truths (lies/fibs) about yourself or others, frequent sore throats, or ear/neck/upper shoulder problems. A light blue with soft touches of royal blue and aqua represent this chatter box Chakra.

How can you strengthen your Throat Chakra? By taking the time to fully gaze at this art and appreciate its energy, colors and shapes. Put on some soothing instrumental music, sit comfortably, then breathe in and exhale deeply as you let your eyes wander around the art, slowing down to appreciate and discover its colors and patterns. Repeat these affirmations while gazing at the art: "I speak my truth and express my authentic self." "My voice is clear. I communicate clear thoughts and ideas to myself and others." "My thoughts are positive, and I always express myself truthfully and clearly." Try doing this for 10 minutes a day and soon you could be feeling more confident about speaking your truth to yourself and to others.

Examples of a strong Throat Chakra:
  • You speak clearly, with confidence and you are comfortable standing your ground if questioned or confronted
  • It is easy for you to express yourself in a loving and compassionate way. You are a solid communicator and listener.
  • You can’t remember the last time you had a sore throat, ear ache, or tightness in your neck or shoulders
SACRED GEOMETRY: Dodecahedron above the figure
CRYSTALS: Turquoise and blue kyanite
  • The Throat Chakra centers around Language so you will find musical notes, numbers, English letters/words and Sanskrit text in the art
  • The figure with the lines radiating outward reminds us to speak from our hearts and souls in truth by being authentic and genuine
  • During a meditation, I heard the song, “Pac-Man Fever” and then saw 2 Pac-Man talking to (or was it at?) one another. Their speech lines relate to the many different ways that we communicate
MESSAGE: May you always be able to speak and express your authentic self!
MATERIALS: Acrylic and metallic paint, glaze, label stock, foam board, and turquoise and blue kyanite crystal chips on heavy illustration board

(sizes are approximate)

(sizes are approximate)
All paper prints will have a white (paper) border on them.
These prints look great with a satin white frame from Art To Frame.
L1 = Additional energy has been added to these signed prints. Includes 3-4 additional layers of energy (via glaze and/or metallic paint) on top of the signed print.
L2 = Each art piece is unique! Includes 4-5 additional energy layers (using glaze and/or metallic paint) and the 3-D Sacred Geometric shape will be added on top of the signed print.
NOTE: Due to varied designs, slight variations in patterns, colors and textures will definitely occur.

(sizes are approximate)

All framed canvas prints will have a 1.5" frame height and white border around the print. These are ready to hang. Due to the extensive amount of handwork involved, please allow up to 10 days for your order to be ready. Thanks so very much for your patience!

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