• Image of HEART (GREEN)
  • Image of HEART (GREEN)
  • Image of HEART (GREEN)
  • Image of HEART (GREEN)
Using Quantum Physics and Sacred Geometry, this Chakra Energy Art focuses on the Heart Chakra, which embodies unconditional love, compassion, joy, self-love, kindness and respect for yourself and others. This Chakra is located to the right of your heart. The associated colors are a soothing green with light touches of bright teal and soft pink.
  • Do you find your breathing to be shallow or your chest feels tight?
  • According to your ‘score card,’ do you think the world or somebody owes you?
  • Is it easy for you to find fault with yourself or others?

These may be signs that your Heart Chakra is blocked. Working with this art simply by gazing at it for a little while each day could do wonders to help you feel better both physically and emotionally. All it takes is a willingness to try something new and allow yourself to let go and feel better. Are you ready??

(sizes are approximate)

All paper prints will have a white (paper) border on them.
These prints look great with a satin white frame from Art To Frame.
L1 = Additional energy has been added to these signed prints. Includes 3-4 additional layers of energy (via glaze and/or metallic paint) on top of the signed print.
L2 = Each art piece is unique! Includes 4-5 additional energy layers (using glaze and/or metallic paint) and the 3-D Sacred Geometric shape will be added on top of the signed print.
NOTE: Due to varied designs, slight variations in patterns, colors and textures will definitely occur.

(sizes are approximate)

All framed canvas prints will have a 1.5” frame height and white border around the print. These are ready to hang. Due to the extensive amount of handwork involved, please allow 5-10 days for your order to be shipped. Thanks so very much for your patience!

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