• Image of CROWN (PURPLE)
  • Image of CROWN (PURPLE)
  • Image of CROWN (PURPLE)

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SACRED GEOMETRY: Sphere inside all of the figures
CRYSTALS: Selenite and Lepidorite
  • The Crown Chakra centers around....
  • There are 8 groups and a total of 16 figures with 8 Infinity Rings: Love, Truth, Wisdom, Kindness, Prosperity, Harmony, Spirit and Integrity
MESSAGE: May you ...
MATERIALS: Acrylic and metallic paint, glaze, label stock, foam board, and selenite spears and lepidorite leaf on heavy illustration board

(sizes are approximate)

(sizes are approximate)
All paper prints will have a white (paper) border on them.
These prints look great with a satin white frame from Art To Frame.
L1 = Additional energy has been added to these signed prints. Includes 3-4 additional layers of energy (via glaze and/or metallic paint) on top of the signed print.
L2 = Each art piece is unique! Includes 4-5 additional energy layers (using glaze and/or metallic paint) and the 3-D Sacred Geometric shape will be added on top of the signed print.
NOTE: Due to varied designs, slight variations in patterns, colors and textures will definitely occur.

(sizes are approximate)

All framed canvas prints will have a 1.5" frame height and white border around the print. These are ready to hang. Due to the extensive amount of handwork involved, please allow up to 10 days for your order to be ready. Thanks so very much for your patience!

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