Latest List of Upcoming Playshops (Intuitive Art Classes)

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Bliss Spiritual Co-op Center (art room), 1163 Pleasant Oaks Drive, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
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When you close your eyes and picture a tree, what do you see? What does the trunk look like? The leaves? How deep do the roots extend into the ground?

Now imagine that YOU ARE that tree with your heart beating to the rhythm of the earth, your leaves swaying to the gentle breezes of your soul. Now what does your tree look like? Is it different from before?

During this bliss class, you will participate in an intuitive painting class that will help you become grounded to focus on what you need and desire. It's very good for souls who have trouble being productive. This is your time to shine! You choose the colors and create the patterns that speak most to you. If you get stuck, no worries. Help will soon be on the way :=) No experience is necessary, just a desire to have some playful fun with paint. And there is no wrong way to paint – use your fingers, a brush, a feather... whatever makes you happy. Your Soul Tree painting will be a unique expression of you and your soul. Everything is done step-by-step (background, tree basics, tree details).

There is no fee for this intuitive art class. Donations to bliss are always welcomed and appreciated.

What to Bring: a 11"x16" (or smaller since class is only 90 mins) white canvas or canvas board. Bliss will have some canvases available for purchase for $10 each (cash is preferred). All other materials will be provided.

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ALL OF THE INTUITIVE ART CLASSES are an opportunity for you to release anything that you do not want inside of you and to fill those holes with good, positive, happy feelings and energy. You will paint what you envision onto a canvas, board or art print. Everything is done step-by-step (background, body, details). And there is no wrong way to paint – use your fingers, a brush, a feather... whatever makes you happy. If you get stuck, no worries, help will soon be on the way. I will help and guide you thru any rough spots where you are feeling stuck :=) No art or painting experience is necessary, just a desire to have some playful fun with paint. Your art will be a unique expression of you, of your soul, so it will look different from everyone else's – because your soul is different from everyone else's! Express yourself creatively with paint.

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Who's up for some playful fun??!?

OUTDOOR PLAYSHOPS: All of the healing and paint Playshops are held at various outdoor locations (business centers, parks and private residences) in the tri-county Charleston and Columbia, SC areas and average approximately 90 minutes each. Playshops are offered for kids and adults ages 6 to infinity. Requests are accepted for kids ages 6 and under whom wish to attend – go to the CONTACT page to send your request.

All Playshops are facilitated by Ellie Alasantra - Intuitive Artist, Energy Medium and Healing Arts Facilitator at VibraSoul Art. You can read more about Ellie here.

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ART LESSONS: Learn to Express Yourself Creatively
I absolutely love showing people how cool and fun playing with paints can be. Some people have never painted before. Others have even if it was a very looooong time ago. Everyone can paint because creative expression in whatever form it takes always allows your heart and soul to shine. I offer many kinds of classes: classical and traditional techniques in watercolors, acrylics and mixed media, art journaling and classes on how to paint your soul... and just about everything in between. I offer instruction for individuals and small groups (kids, families, gal pal nights out/meetups, church groups, businesses). All ages from 6 to infinity. Special discounts for military and seniors.

Creative Fee: Starting at $44 per hour and varies depending on location, number of participants, medium, etc. Contact me for a personalized estimate.