Where Can You View/Purchase My Art?

Besides holding art classes and facilitating color and paint playshops, I also "luv-luv" creating intuitive energy art using a variety of materials. The art that I create comes from the visuals that I see during my meditations (read more). I also receive channeled messages about the art I am creating and I incorporate those messages into the artwork as well.

Here is a list of where you can see some of my latest artworks (prints, canvases and note cards) in person... with more venues to come. Stay tuned!


Charmed at Shem Creek (Mount Pleasant, SC)
Available: Packaged Prints | Note Cards
217-E Lucas Street (Shem Creek Commons), Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 | 843-352-2983
I have branched out to having the Chakra Energy Art printed onto small and large note cards. Available as single cards or multi-card packs. Charmed is a spiritually-minded boutique offering crystals, clothing, accessories, singing bowls, salt lamps, tarot/oracle card decks and just about everything in between.
Charmed on Facebook | Instagram

Sweet 185 Sugaring Studio and Organic Boutique (Charleston, SC)
Available: Framed Prints | Canvases | Note Cards
115 President Street, Charleston, SC 29403 | 843-329-3500
Sweet 185 has almost every piece of Chakra and Selene Energy Art hanging in various styles (paper prints and framed canvases) inside their massage rooms, stairway and retail areas. There is also a very sweet display of all art printed on note cards available for you to peruse. At Sweet 185, you will find delicious specialties such as body sugaring, organic facials, holistic massages, oxygen therapy, nail services and much more.
Sweet 185 on Facebook | Website

Salt Oasis Spa and Wellness Center (Summerville)
Available: Large Framed Prints | Canvases
103 Harth Place, Suite B, Summerville, SC 29485 | 843-501-1757
>> Hanging on the walls in the retail space and in the hallways are several larger pieces of Chakra Energy Art. Salt Oasis Spa and Wellness Center offers a community healing salt cave (great for seasonal allergies and headaches), salt room, acupuncture, cupping, hypnosis, massage, reiki, reflexology, yoga and life coaching.
Salt Oasis Spa on Facebook | Website

Podcast and Social Media Interviews!

In May and June of 2019, I received a few opportunities to speak more in-depth about who I am, what I do and why I do it. The title links below take you directly to the feeds. "Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet Podcast: Guest Ellie Alasantra" on Real Revolution Radio X.0. Hosted by Dr. Wendy Perrell on May 7, 2019. During my time with Wendy, I shared my experiences about my spiritual journey, how art is connected to my soul's path and how I integrate spirituality into my daily life as a full-time employee working in Corporate America. Length: 00:58:35.

"Perfectly Imperfect Podcast: Energy Healing through the Eyes of an Intuitive Energy Artist" on Binge Networks TV. Hosted by Vyoma Nupur on June 21, 2019. Vyoma and I chatted about the different types of art that I create (including soul portraits), my intuitive art classes and color and paint playshops. My focus was to create a direct link between healing one's emotions and the role that art/painting can play. Length: 01:06:56.

"Art Talk: NCAG Edition w/ Ellie Alasantra" on Facebook. Hosted by Dayna Lopez, President of North Charleston Artist Guild on May 16, 2019. Dayna and I casually talked about my Chakra Energy art and the process I go thru to create my pieces. I brought all seven Chakra Energy pieces in the series for an extra boost of energy. Length: 00:08:27

Even More News!

2019 SUMMER: So far, I have been presented with multiple opportunities to talk more publicly about my art (see above). I take that as a sign from above that now is the time for me to get back to helping uplift people by talking more about what I do and to present the world with different ways of allowing themselves to experience the physical and emotional healing that art can provide. In addition, I received my first commission to create a full-sized (24"x36") super enhanced Sacral Chakra Energy Art framed canvas – super exciting!!! (PS. The 'super enhanced' term refers to the additional paint symbols and patterns that I receive to add on top of the print for the patron. Also, the patron would like the 3D sacred geometry shape added to the art so that will be created using the same materials I used to create the original artwork. Check out the Sacral Chakra Energy Art piece in the Art Shop.

2019 SPRING: Using paint, I enhanced some Chakra Energy Art prints for some wonderful souls and created a few smaller (12"x12") pieces for a group installation as part of the North Charleston Artists Guild (NCAG). I continued to teach monthly intuitive art classes, host some private paint parties and study art therapy by attending classes across the country (AZ, KY).

Shows I attended:
*Sat, MAY 3 | Arty Block Party | Celebrating Arts Fest 2019 in Park Circle, North Charleston, SC
*Sat, APR 27 | Gallery Azul Art Show | downtown Folly Beach, East Erie Street, Folly Beach (Charleston), SC

2018: The year started off with a BANG with the completion of the Crown Chakra, "I Honor" artwork. A few months later, I was elected vice-president of the < a href="http://www.northcharlestonartistguild.org" target="_blank">North Charleston Artist Guild and held an outdoor playshop for NCAG members. Great fun was had by all – these artists are not afraid to sling paint around!

I took a step back from creating my art and teaching art classes in order to spend more time learning intuitive art therapy and relocating closer to Charleston. Along with the move came the opportunity to downsize, which I gladly welcomed for it was time to purge, purge, PURGE! I desired the opportunity to release many items that no longer served me so I could welcome in new and exciting adventures (not that I'm a big shopper or anything like that)!

As a repeat vendor, I had the opportunity to attend one show:
*Sun, AUG 5 | Illuminate Charleston Festival | North Charleston, SC

2017: With most of the Chakra Energy artworks complete, I continued to facilitate Chakra Energy Art classes at a couple of different locations and I was very grateful for all of the spirited souls who attended. My meditations continued to progress and expand in intensity, allowing me to further develop the last piece in the Chakra Energy Art series, the Crown Chakra (purple/violet), which symbolizes our Oneness with the Universe, higher Consciousness and empowering our bodies, hearts and souls. I am able to openly receive messages from Mother Mary and my Spiritual Team, and that just tickles me happy!

I created a goal to try a variety of shows/festivals in the local area. Here's where I was:
*Sat/Sun, JAN 27-28 | Columbia Festival of Healing and Spiritual Awareness, Columbia, SC
*Sat, FEB 10 | Illuminate Charleston Festival | North Charleston, SC
*Sat, MAR 10 | Woman Meet Art (part of Empowering Women festival) | North Charleston, SC
*Sun, MAR 11 | Working Woman Extravaganza, (Empowering Women festival) | Charleston, SC
*Sat, OCT 14 | Art Bark in the Park, part of their Community Health festival | Ridgeland, SC
*Sat, OCT 21 | North Charleston Harvest Fest, Park Circle, North Charleston, SC
*Sat, NOV 4 | Healing through the Arts, Daniel Island/Charleston, SC
*Sat, NOV 18 | Realm Harvest Festival, North Charleston, SC
*Sat, DEC 2 | Homegrown Bazaar, John's Island County Park, John's Island, SC
*Sat, DEC 9 | John's Island Oyster Holiday Fest, Trophy Lakes, Johns Island, SC
NOTE: Due to the high temperatures and humidity found in this part of the country (Charleston, SC) during the late spring to early autumn, I chose not to participate in any outdoor shows or festivals. I did not want to chance any prints, canvases or cards becoming warped or wrinkly because of the excess moistness in the air. I take care of all of my art prints and treat them like my creative kids :=)

2016: It was a very busy and art-producing year! I finished 5 more Chakra Energy artworks (Solar Plexus Chakra, "I Will", Heart Chakra, "I Love", Throat Chakra, "I Speak", Root Chakra, "I Am" and Sacral Chakra, "I Feel"), found a photographer (and part magician) to produce paper and canvas reproductions of all of the Chakra Art in 4 sizes and I was fortunate to start facilitating classes about the Chakra Energy Art pieces, a different Chakra artwork each month, held at a spiritual center in West Ashley. Turnout for these classes was beyond my wildest dreams. I was (and continue to be) very thankful for the opportunities to share my experiences about how all of the Chakra art can balance your Chakras.

2015: This was the year it all began :=) In January, I made plans to quit my Corporate America job and create art full-time. As the months passed and my upcoming plans started manifesting, I became increasingly more curious about my spiritual side. I was having unexplained experiences and visions. I started listening to meditation (instrumental) music found on YouTube. I attended classes and read study materials focused on helping develop my spiritual side. Eventually I sampled meditation and after some practice, I consistently began to see visions that soon turned into patterns. I saw specific colors. I received my first sacred geometry shape (Metatron's Cube or the Merkaba), which was the turning point for me to start creating the Chakra Energy Art series. By the end of the year, my first piece of Chakra Energy art was born: the Third Eye Chakra, "I See". This Chakra is centered on your intuition, clairvoyance, seeing clear thoughts and having a clear mind. After looking back on the progression of the series (they were not created in order as they appear on the body), it was easy to understand why this particular Chakra was the first one to be created – it was important for me to develop my own intuition so that I could create this energy art from my meditations. The year was filled with many different experiences, adventures and opportunities for me to further develop my spiritual body and connect to my Divine Essence, my soul.